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BIOS identification string
examples of BIOS

ACR manufacturer
XXxxx mainboard identification
xxxxxx BIOS date
xxx-xx mainboard revision level

>> Identify Acer mainboards

ID Mainboard type Model
05 X1B Altos 19000
07 M7 Altos 900/M, Altos 9000/M
19 V55-2 Acros, Power
1A M3A Altos 300
1B V35 Power
22 V50LA-N Acros, Power
24 M9B Altos 9000/Pro
25 V55LA Acros, Power, Aspire
29 V60N Power
2F M11A Altos 900/Pro
30 V56LA Acros, Power, Aspire
33 V58LA Acros, Power, Aspire
35 V35N Acros, Power
46 M9N Altos 920, Altos 9100
4B V55LA-2M Acros, Power., Aspire
5A X3 Altos 19000 Pro 4
62 V65X Power PII
63 V58 Entra
67 V65LA Acros, Power
6B A1G4 Acros
6D V20 Power
89 M5 Altos 7000P
8F M3-EIDE Power, Power 590
99 A1GX, A1GX-2 Acros, Power
9A V30, V30-2 Acros, Power
9C V12LC, V12LC-2X Acros, Power, Aspire

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