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Award BIOS
examples of BIOS

The red number represents the chipset code. Codes are listed below:
Chipset code Chipset
154I5 SiS 85C431/85C420/85C411/85C406/85C405
213V0 SARC RC2016
213V1 SARC RC2018
21480 HiNT SC9204 (Sierra), HMC82C206 [USA-9109]
214D1 HiNT SC8005 (Sierra), HMC82C206
214I8 SiS 85C471
214I9 SiS 85C471E
214L0 VIA VT82C470
214L2 VIA VT82C486A
214L6 VIA VT82C486A/VT82C495/VT82C496G
214W3 VD 88C898
214X2 UMC UM491
215UM OPTi 82C546/82C597
2191? ALD 93C413
21917 ALD 93C308
2A41? ALD 93C439
2A41? ALD 93C488
2A431 Cyrix MediaGx Cx5510
2A432 Cyrix GXi Cx5520
2A433 Cyrix GXm Cx5520
2A434 Cyrix GXm Cx5530
2A496 Intel Saturn I
2A498 Intel Saturn II
2A499 Intel Aries
2A4H2 Contaq 82C596/82C599
2A4H4 Contaq 82C596/82C599
2A4IB SiS 85C496/85C497
2A4J6 Winbond W83C491 (SL82C491 Symphony Wagner)
2A4KA ALi M1429
2A4KC ALi M1439/45/31
2A4KD ALi M1487/M1489
2A4L4 VIA VT82C505/496G/416
2A4L6 VIA 496G/406/505
2A4O3 EFAR EC802GL, EC100G
2A4R4 Forex FRX46C521A
2A4UK OPTi-802G-822 (895?)
2A4X5 UMC 82C881E/82C886B
2A4Z0 Integrated Micro Solutions IMS8848 / IMS8849
2A597 Intel 82433LX / 82434LX (Mercury)
2A59A Intel 82433NX / 82434NX (Neptune)
2A59B Intel 82433MX / 82434MX (Ariel)
2A59C Intel 82437FX / 82438FX (Triton FX)
2A59F Intel 82439HX (Triton II HX)
2A59G Intel 82437VX / 82438VX (Triton VX)
2A59H Intel 82437VX / 82438VX (Triton VX) (illegal BIOS code)
2A59I Intel 82439TX (Triton TX)
2A5G7 VLSI VL82C594
2A5GB VLSI Lynx VL82C541/VL82C543
2A5IA SiS 501/502/503
2A5IC SiS 5501/5502/5503
2A5ID SiS 5511/5512/5513 5511B/5512/5513
2A5IE SiS 5101/5102/5103
2A5IF SiS 5596/5597
2A5IH SiS 5571
2A5II SiS 5581/5582 5597/5598
2A5IJ SiS 5120 Mobile
2A5IK SiS 5591/5592
2A5IM SiS 530
2A5KB ALi M1449/61/51
2A5KE ALi M1511 (Aladdin II)
2A5KF ALi M1521 / M1523 (Aladdin III)
2A5KI ALi M1531 / M 1543 (Aladdin IV / IV+)
2A5KK ALi M1541 / M1542 (Aladdin V / V+)
2A5L5 VIA ?
2A5L7 VIA VT82C570
2A5L9 VIA VT82C570M
2A5LA VIA Apollo VP1 VT82C580VP (VXPro)
2A5LC VIA Apollo VP2 VT82C590VP
2A5LD VIA Apollo VPX (VXPro+)
2A5LE VIA Apollo (M)VP3
2A5LF VIA Apollo Pro
2A5LG VIA Apollo Pro+ / Pro 133
2A5LH VIA Apollo (M)VP4
2A5R5 Forex FRX58C613/601A
2A5R6 Forex FRX58C613A/602B/601B
2A5T6 ACC Micro 2278/2188 (Auctor)
2A5UI OPTi 82C822/596/597
2A5UI OPTi 82C596/546/82
2A5UL OPTi 82C822/571/572
2A5UM OPTi 82C822/546/547
2A5UN OPTi Viper 82C556/557/558 (-M)
2A5UP OPTi Viper-Max
2A5X7 UMC 82C890
2A5X8 UMC 8886BF/8891BF/8892BF
2A5XA UMC 890C
2A69H Intel 440FX
2A69J Intel 440LX / 440EX
2A69K Intel 440BX / 440ZX
2A69L Intel 820 (Camino)
2A69M Intel 810 / 810E (Whitney)
2A69N Intel 440MX (Banister Mobile)
2A69R Intel 815 (Solano)
2A6IL SiS 5600
2A6IN SiS 620
2A6IR SiS 630 630S 630E
2A6KL ALi M1621/M1543C
2A6KO ALi M1631/M1535D
2A6LF VIA 691/596
2A6LG VIA 693/596 or 693/686A
2A6LI VIA 601/686A MVP4
2A6LJ VIA 694X/596B or VIA 694X/686A
2A6LK VIA VT8371 (KX-133)
2A9KG ALi M6117/M1521/M1523
2A9KL ALi M1621 (Aladdin Pro II)
2A9KO ALi M1631 (Aladdin TNT2)
2AG9H Intel Neptune ISA
2B496 Intel Saturn I EISA
2B597 Intel Mercury EISA
2B59A Intel Neptune EISA
2B59F Intel 430HX EISA
2B69D Intel Orion EISA
2C460 UNIchip U4800-VLX
2C470 Hyundai HYF82481
2C4D2 HiNT SC8006 (Sierra), HMC82C206
2C4I7 SiS 85C461
2C4I8 SiS 85C471B
2C4I9 SiS 85C471B/E/G
2C4J6 Winbond W83C491(SL82C491 Symphony Wagner)
2C4K9 ALi M1429
2C4KC ALi M1439
2C4L2 VIA 82C486A
2C4L6 VIA VT496G
2C4O3 EFAR EC802GL, EC100G
2C4S0 AMD Elan 470
2C4T7 ACC Micro 2048 (Auctor)
2C4UK OPTi 82C895/82C802
2C4X2 UMC UM82C491/82C493
2C4X6 UMC UM498F/496F [UMC 881/886]
2C4Y1 Samsung KS82C884
2C917 ALD 93C308-A
2C9V0 SARC RC2016
6A450 ST Microelectronics PC Client ST86 processor
6A5KP ArtX A7
6A61A nVIDIA nForce
6A61B nVIDIA nForce2
6A660 ATI A3
6A69L Intel 820 (Camino)
6A69M Intel 810 (Whitney)
6A69R Intel 815 815E 815EP (Solano)
6A69S Intel 850 (Tehama) / 860
6A69V Intel 845 845E 845G 845GE 845GL 845PE (Brookdale)
6A69W intel E7205 E7500
6A6IR SiS 630
6A6IS SiS 730 730S
6A6IT SiS 635 635T
6A6IU SiS 733 735
6A6IX SiS 645 645DX 651
6A7I0 SiS 648
6A6LG VIA VT82C693A VT82C694A
6A6LJ VIA VT82C694XDP with MP support
6A6LK VIA VT8371 (KX133)
6A6LL VIA VT8605 (PM133)
6A6LM VIA VT8363 (KT133 / KT133A / KT133E)
6A6LN VIA VT8365 / VT8364 (KM133 / KL133 / KLE133)
6A6LO VIA VT8601 (PLE133)
6A6LU VIA VT8375 (KM266 / KL266)
6A6LV VIA VT8366 / VT8366A / VT8367 (KT266 / KT266A / KT333)
6A6LW VIA VT8753 (P4X266 / P4X266A)
6A6LY VIA VT8368 (KT400)
6A6S2 AMD 751
6A6S6 AMD 760 761
6A6S7 AMD 762

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