Identify hardware - The guided tour

Start > HW not installed > No FCC ID > HW type known > Smart Card chip

Please select corresponding logo:
Logo on card Company Web Link
  Anritsu (Japan)  
  Aplab (India)  
  Bull (France / Spain / Swiss)  
  Cardintel (Swiss)  
  CHT (Taiwan)  
  Data-Z (Denmark)  
  Delphic-Phillips (Netherland)  
  Exiton (Russia)  
FNMT France / Spain)  
Gemplus (France)  
Giesecke & Devriendt (Germany)  
  GPT (UK)  
  Incard (Italy)  
  J. Enschede (Netherlands)  
  Korea Telecom (Korea)  
  Landis & Gyr (Swiss)  
  McCorquodale (UK)  
  Oberthur (France)  
ODS (Germany)  
Orga (Germany)  
Schlumberger (France)  
Solaic (France)  
  Telkor (South Africa)  
Uniqua (Germany)  

In the lefthand column are pictures of corresponding logos and trademarks usually printed on the card.